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This is an Indian Pale Ale being balanced but doubtlessly exotic in nature.
This brewing style was born during the early 1800s in the British Indian colonies and it can be freshly found within a pint of Pashà. Its abundant foam protects fragrances of exotic fruit, such as pineapples, passion flower and lychees. Even if this beer features the bitter taste of IPAs since the first sips, it has a pleasant resinous aftertaste, embracing rather than dry, then ushering in a fruity taste with a feeling of pink grapefruit and red oranges. This beer is good both for tasting and to quench one’s thirst, also due to the interesting and generous presence of hops from the South Pacific.

We usually pair this beer with all curry-based and spicy dishes.

Ideal serving glass: Pint
Ideal serving temperature: 6-8°C
Alcohol: 6,3% vol