Birrificio Farnese

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the functioning of its procedures while improving the experience and the applications for its users.

This documents provides information on the use of cookies and of similar technologies on this website, including their purposes, their control and disabling by the users.


Cookies are small text files sent by a server to an user’s device (generally an Internet browser) whenever users access a webpage. Cookies allow websites to memorize information to be used within the same visit (session cookies) or afterwards (persistent cookies).

Cookies allow for easier browsing of any given website, including the memorization of those pages having already been visited, as well as of other specific information, such as the most visited pages, connection errors, and the like.

The cookies are then memorized, as set by the users in their preferences, by any single browser, on the device used (be it a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone).

Internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari , and the like) are often set so that they automatically accept cookies. However, users may set a browser so that it disables or erases cookies, while risking a suboptimal usage of our website. Therefore, in order to ensure an optimal use of this website, it would be advisable for users to set their browsers so that they accept all cookies.

Through the specific links of our website, it is possible to visit several different webpages. These links to different websites are not under the purview of the Data Controller, who, in particular, has no control over the cookies loaded by other websites.

Furthermore, users may receive, on their devices, also cookies from different websites (the so-called “third party cookies”), directly set by the managers and controllers of said websites (such as, for example, YouTube) and used for the purposes set and defined by them.


Cookies may be subdivided as follow, based on their features and uses:

a) Technical cookies:these are needed to browse any given website and make use of its functions , such as, for example, page visualization cookies or those allowing to access reserved areas. Therefore, if users disable these cookies, they will be prevented from such activities.

These cookies are not used for other purposes and may be subdivided as follows:

  • Browsing or session cookies: they guarantee the normal browsing and use of any given website
  • Functionality cookies: allowing users to browse a website based on several criteria

Cookies (such as the ones involving languages) chosen by users to improve their browsing experience

b) erformance cookies: they gather information on the performances any website has following requests by users, and are gathered anonymously, only to improve the performances of any given website, such as, for example, the pages most visited by users, and the presence of mistakes or slowdowns in providing pages, if any.
c) Profiling cookies: they are used to profile users and can be used to send advertisements being in line with the preference users declared when browsing. Our website uses no profiling cookies.


While visiting the website, users may receive on their devices also cookies managed by other organizations (the so-called “Third-party cookies”. This may happen as our website features elements, such as images, maps, specific links of webpages or services. These cookies may be sent on users’ browsers by third parties whose websites users may access while browsing the website. These links to different websites are not under the purview of the Data Controller, who, in particular, has no control over the cookies loaded by other websites.


Users may choose anytime whether to accept, or not to accept cookies, by setting their browsers accordingly. The following pages are the main information pages for all the most used Internet browsers:

Internet Explorer:

We kindly remind our users that, should they choose to disable or block the reception of cookies, this may hamper or prevent the correct functioning of our website


For further information on cookies and on the how to block them, the following websites may be visited:

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