The prices of our products include VAT and are those viewable by the Customers on our website as they make their orders.
The price for the products they bought, together with the shipping costs, shall be paid by the Customers as they place their orders online (or on delivery, in case of all cash-on delivery orders) as follows:

BY A BANKING TRANSFER PAID IN ADVANCE, to the following beneficiary:
Agrifarnese Soc. Agr. a.r.l., UniCredit S.p.A. Ag. Fontanellato ‐Parma – Iban

IBAN IT63J0200865740000103657125

Indirect E-commerce, where contracts are finalized via the Internet, but the physical delivery of the goods happens through traditional channels, is considered as an equivalent of mail order sales. Such sales do not fall under the certificatory obligations by producing an invoice, as per Article 22, Subsection 1, point 1. By the same token, they not fall under the obligation of producing a certificatory or sales receipt, as per Art. 2, letter o) of the Decree of the President of the Italian Republic no. 696 issued in 1996.

The Customers may require an invoice by using the specific fields and boxes of the order form.


La merce viaggia tramite corriere (2/3 giorni lavorativi) per il solo mercato italiano. Chiediamo un contributo spese di trasporto fisso di € 10,00 per tutta Italia, mentre la consegna è inclusa nel prezzo per gli ordini che avvengono in provincia di Parma. In caso di ritiro direttamente allo spaccio del birrificio, il cliente riceverà sempre un omaggio che potrà variare a seconda del periodo (birra in omaggio, gadget o sconto sull’acquisto). In caso di ritiro in birrificio al cliente verrà inviato un messaggio sugli orari di apertura.