Brewery people,
that’s us


Born in 1989, chestnut brown in both his hair and eyes, in the lower half of the Po Valley (in SISSA, for those loving the names of the places around here), lithe and thin, he has been a part of our staff since 2017. Personality: taciturn (…therefore, very dangerous…)

Distinguishing features: He sticks cardboard signs in the whole of our brewery, in order to create the internal signage needed for the people not to get lost there, as well as to help those considering the organization of our warehouse a bit carelessly.

What does he do: He grinds, grinds and then grinds some more; furthermore, he sticks labels on our bottles, bottles our beers and corks them in their bottles. He has an hobby of sorts, that is compulsively moving our beers from a cellar to another, box by box and keg by keg, personally.

In just a few words: He is essential.


Yes, his name is Crhistopher, and the “h” in his name are put at random, but he is from around here; he is from Soragna, to be precise. He was born in 1989 and his dark hair and beard are neatly trimmed by the barber he trusts implicitly. He has been a part of our staff since 2016. Personality: Data unavailable…

His main job here: He is the brewmaster chief, therefore, he creates beer! He is a chef, but maybe even this title makes him no justice. He creates the recipes for our beers, cooking and nursing them in our cellars, keeping an eye on both fermentation and maturation, up to the moment when his words “it’s ready” make us certain that we can toast and cheer with a good beer. Concerning his secondary activities, he wins awards and issues challenges at the nock of an arrow (Be warned, he is a practitioner of archery), preferably to Enrica…

His secret dream:…


He was born in 1970 and does not feel like it, he has been a part of the Birrificio Farnese since forever, even since its cornerstone was set, since his first crush, his first client or exhibition. And the situation could be no different, as he is the co-founder of our brewery.

What does the co-founder, co-stakeholder and co-administrator of our brewery, after having phoned to our clients a thousand times, having provided directions for every delivery, having checked and rechecked the budget sheets and all payments, fixed the malfunctioning equipment, assembled tapping systems, after having implemented the relevant promotional activities and kept in touch with our retail buyers and retailers, as well as with our salespersons? Does he go home and sleep? NO! He starts his social activities all over again(???).

What does he do afterwards? Maybe he sleeps...


We may very well omit her birthdate… however, she has been a part of the staff of our brewery even since it was in nuce. Indeed, the Birrificio was born in our collective minds and hearts in 2012 and then took shape in 2013. What does she do in our brewery? Should one ask our lads, they would answer that “she does nothing, everything, and everything in between”. She deals both with ugly things, such as payments, orders and administrative issues and with wonderful things such as beer labels, beer names, marketing, exhibitions and events. As she loves to think about how to make our brewery grow, she puts her paws everywhere.


Born in 1970 (a recurring year for our brewery), there is no doubt about his relation to Enrica; he’s her brother, and they are similar in nature. What does he do in our brewery, besides zooming all around our province and region when delivering our beers? He does like Super Mario does: in our brewery, every activity is interconnected and a thousand pieces of equipment, as well as activities, constantly need some fine-tuning. And that is exactly where he shines. Furthermore, one should never forget that Franco plants, and then threshes, the barley that then becomes malt and turns into beer afterwards.

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