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It is a beer with a great character. Strong and determined in taste, and scintillatingly amber in color, it is so limpid it recalls chestnut honey. It can quench thirst because of its fresh hop notes. Our Calumet beer winks even from the glass and it provokes feelings through perfumes of caramel and chestnut honey. What changes it all is the sweet taste of caramel, soon supplanted by a clearly citrusy taste, having grapefruit at its center. Upon the end of the sip, this beer gives its great finale: a resinous taste due to the hops used.

We usually pair this beer with red meats, roast meats, seasoned cheeses, muscles, gish soups and pastas

Ideal serving glass: American pint
Ideal serving temperature: 6-8°C
Alcohol: 5,8% vol.